Sarah Louise

Social Media Creation and Management


Content Creation

Often times business owners find themselves wasting time staring at a blank screen trying to figure out what to say.  This is where I shine.  Leave the “what to say” to me.

Brand Clarity

If you confuse you lose. -Donald Miller (Storybrand)

We want to make sure your potential clients know exactly what your brand is all about and how you can serve them.



Optimized Engagement

People buy from people, not businesses.  I can help you build a community of raving fans through thoughtful engagement with your audience and strategic posts that invite interaction.

Instagram Stories

Stories are a HUGE part of the Instagram experience, but they disappear in 24 hours and it’s important to use this space in an intentional way to attract customers to your business.  Let’s take this pressure off of you and use my stories genius to create a super stories strategy!


Account Set-Up

There is a certain j’en ai se quoi when it comes to setting up your social media accounts.  Will your profile and cover photos be attractive to your potential clients?  Is your information and bio crystal clear without being dull as a rock?  I can give you peace of mind by taking these first steps for you. 


The photographers I collaborate with are top notch and highly skilled at creating emotive content to show off businesses and events.  You can check out their website by clicking here.

solving your social media woes

Business owners I know are spending hours and hours trying to figure out what content to post on their social media accounts. Or even worse they’ve given up on posting anything and their not showing up at all. Instagram and Facebook are key players in developing a know, like and trust relationship with your ideal clients.
Consistency is an important part of getting in front of potential customers and converting content into sales.
Let me step in with my done for you content creation and social media management services.
The less time you’re spending on social media, the more time you have to give your clients a fantastic working experience doing what you do best.

Let’s get people talking about your business


Send me a quick note about your social media needs, or ask me a question.  I’m available to help you uplevel your online presence.